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Our Mangos

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Our Mangos generally have live, red, green, yellow and tricolor colors. They are very attractive to the eye. They all have in common an exotic and exquisite taste.

Its aroma and taste are best appreciated when the handle is in its right point of maturation, allowing the consumer to savour the mouth and nose at the same time in order to discover its essence. The optimum eating point is recognized when the skin yields to gentle pressure at the stem end.

Most varieties are oval shaped, with thick, tough skin. Mangoes give off an exotic perfume. They are sweet, of excellent quality and seed is usually represents approx. 6-8% of the total weight of the fruit. This seed may be larger or smaller depending on the variety of the mangos.


 Mango Ataulfo


Mango Tommy Atkins


Mango Kent

Gomango Background.png
Gomango Background.png

FRUIT: Oval shape, Obicular Yellow, breaking green
SKIN: Medium Thin
PULP: Almost Fiberless, sweet
SEED:  Long & Thin
SIZE: 200-400 gr.

Gomango Background.png

FRUIT: Oval Shape, Red intense Yellow, breaking green
SKIN: Thick

PULP: Fibery, less sweet
SEED: Long medium
SIZE: 400-700 gr.

Gomango Background.png

FRUIT: Oval round shape, some red blush & green
SKIN: Medium Thick

PULP: Almost Fiberless, sweet
SEED: Round thick
SIZE: 500-800 gr.


Mango Keitt

Osteen Mango.png

Mango Osteen


 Mango Haden

Gomango Background.png

FRUIT: Oval round shape, Oink blush & green
SKIN: Medium Thick

PULP Almost Fiberless, less sweet
SEED: Round thick
SIZE: 400-1000 gr.

Gomango Background.png

FRUIT: Long Oval shape, purple and orange
SKIN: Medium Thin, very sweet
PULP Fiberless, very sweet
SEED: Long & Thin
SIZE: 250-700 gr.

Gomango Background.png

FRUIT: Oval Shape, Red & Orange
SKIN: Medium Thick
PULP: Fibery, sweet
SEED: Long & Thin
SIZE: 300-450 gr.

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