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Originally founded in 1978 by Giorgio Ceciarelli in Vancouver, BC, Canada; introducing the Mango Kent & Avocado form Sinaloa, Mexico, in North America as a specialty tropical fruit.
At the time, mangoes were not popular and had to be introduced & advertised. Backed up mainly by Safeway Stores with extraordinary success, the consumption growing at a fast pace, mango popularity caught on fast. In 1982 GC Imports Co. Inc. opened offices in San Diego, Ca. USA achieving high sales. EDB treatment (used at that time) to USA was restricted in 1986, until 1990 that the Hot water treatment was approved by USDA to continue importing and Distribution into USA; by then, mango was supplied year round all over North America with product from all of Mexico, Brazil & Peru. We participated making the first hot water treatment equipment and had to be adjusted for a period for descent results to the ripening of the fruit.
Today consumption for the industry has grown tremendously, and we have specialized in packing and distributing  un-treated product, to Canada and some irradiated treated for USA.
We distribute, mainly through local distributors to chain stores and Supermarkets all over from coast to coast in Canada. As well as in a smaller scale to North America year round.



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